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Ham Radio has been a lifelong passion for me. I was first licensed in 1959 as WV6GUL. Then the family returned to Pennsylvania and I became K3YMA followed by WB7SHJ, WB6SFM, W7MAP and finally W5PG. Early on it provided a livelihood as well as a hobby. Later it offered diversion and a world wide body of friends. Throughout my association with radio I have been challenged and rewarded.

If one wants to think of this Blog as having a theme I would choose “Doing more with less”. My antennas are restricted to largely unobtrusive ones and I try to avoid running any amplifiers except for short periods of time. [Edit] I wrote the bit about my amp several years before we lost sunspots. Since that time I have had to use my amp more and more in order to maintain daily schedules. The amp use is secondary to my schedules. In any event I have had zero complaints from using it so I am growing less sensitive to hi power. Credit Chuck Counselman’s Chokes Article at YCCC for the good fortune. Managing my local noise environment and keeping my available RF power in the antennas where it belongs goes a long way toward doing more with less.


10 responses to “Welcome to W5PG Weblog!

  1. Merrill

    July 3, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Very good Chuck,
    I read your articles on amateur radio and to tell you the truth I really enjoyed the read. Have a great Fourth of July and hope to run into you again.
    Best 73’s,
    Merrill WK2G

  2. Vince

    November 28, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Your new, improved call is noted, Chunk. Very nice. Now, go get a haircut and lose that hat.

    K7NA said that.

  3. Vince

    November 24, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Good luck on the weight redux program, Chuck! I did that about five years ago and added years to my life. If you check QRZ, you’ll see we no longer live in So. Cal., but have retired and moved to Whidbey Island. Have a home overlooking the Saratoga Passage, about 200′ above the salt water. Hope to hear you on 80/40 CW sometime.


    • w5pg

      November 24, 2010 at 4:00 pm

      Thank you Vince. I am down 53 pounds at this writing. Just about 5 months now and so I get a little off every month. The rate will slow but that is okay.

      I hope you and family enjoy a fruitful adn carefree holiday. Best to you and yours, Chas

      • Vince

        January 7, 2011 at 11:19 pm

        As you continue to lose the weight, you will have friends and family approach you, asking if you are ill or stating that they don’t like the newer, thinner you because you somehow look “unhealthy”. Such is the stereotype drummed into Americans that immense is healthy, thin is gaunt. Pay no attention to this. Continue on your quest for health and longevity and you will feel better. It will take time for the skin on your body to adjust to the weight loss.
        Hope you had a safe and relaxing holiday season. We enjoyed ours. Our daughter married in October and moved to Boulder, CO where she and hubby are now expecting their first child later this year. I will finally become a “grandpa”. Gawd!
        I operate mostly CW on 80, 40 and a little 20 meters. I work a little SSB or AM from time to time on 75 or 40 meters with a balun-fed trap dipole up 70 feet in a tree. I hope to hear you on sometime.

        Happy 2011!

        Vince K7NA

      • w5pg

        January 8, 2011 at 6:21 pm

        Weight coming off ever so slowly Vince. Holidays dented my efforts pretty badly but no harm no foul. Thank you for the note and a Happy belated holiday to you and Betty. Congratulations on the new expected arrival. Life will change. Travel will occur at odd times. Grandmothers need babies to cuddle. Gird your loins Matey.

        Cyndi and I just returned form College Station Tx where we dropped off our last child to go to Texas A&M University. He has selected to become a corps cadet while attending and yesterday was the beginning of “Boot Camp” week. He looked like Bambi in Headlights as we drove off. See: and recall you own AF experiences….Matt will be majoring in Meteorology while in A&M. His graduation present will be a polka dot bow tie so he can replace our own erstwhile TV Weatherman in Big D. 🙂 He is transferring in with 48 hours under his belt from Jr College here locally.

        Perhaps we will run into each other on the bands sometime. I cannot get on 80M very well as my dipole is too short to be effective on that band. However I have made the trip to Phoenix to check in the with 3830 crew once or twice in winter when sunrise does not preclude me doing so. More likely would be a 40 M contact but I dont know your schedule or habits but perhaps you can send along?

        Have you heard from George? I have lost touch with him and from the looks of activity on his QRZ page it seems he is out of Hamdom altogether.

        At any rate, please have a health new year and perhaps we will encounter you on 40 M…Best, Chas W5PG

  4. Vince

    March 23, 2011 at 4:51 am

    Hope your son enjoys and does well at A&M. It’s a fine university.
    I believe George has already responded to you separately, no? I continue to enjoy an active retirement with exploration of Whidbey Island and the great Pacific Northwest. A Nordictrack treadmill and a Bowflex in the rec room allow exercise during poor weather.
    My trap dipole allows me to work 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Its location on a waterfront bluff about 225 feet above salt water produces excellent results on 40, 20 and 15 meters. I’ve found it easy to work into Europe and Africa on SSB and CW on these bands so I have been concentrating on some DXing. I will be erecting my Cushcraft R5 vertical on the edge of the bluff soon and will enjoy commparing the two antennas on the higher bands.
    I work 80/40/20 CW in the mornings around 8 am PDT and 40/80 CW in the evenings around 9 pm PDT. I tend to hang around the lower 30kc of these bands. I hope to hear you on sometime so we can chat. I continue to use the Tentec Orion/Hercules combo.
    Good luck with the weight loss program and congrats on your son attending Texas A&M. My best to your family!

    Vince K7NA
    Whidbey Island, WA

    • w5pg

      March 23, 2011 at 1:37 pm

      Thanks Vince. He is enjoying A&M immensely. He just found out he has been selected a “most outstanding fish” for his squadron. A&M has a military school component somewhat like VMI or The Citadel and he has chosen to be part of the Corps of Cadets. His first semester is called a frog semester because he is leaping ahead of other “Fish” by transferring into A&M in the spring semester. So they cram a whole year of training into one semester. 30 started, 19 left. Its pretty intense I guess.

      I continue to limp along with CW practice with my practice buddy on mostly 18 Mhz as it is quieter and less congested than 20 normally is. We have not improved on sending accuracy much of late but continue to improve our ability to copy in rough circumstances. About 2 times a year one or both of us travel to the others home and do a contest. Mostly its ARRL CW DX for me in Boston and once we did California QSO Party here. We meet each day for practice and the schedule is somewhat confused by individual schedules and propagation opportunities. Ill try to attach a recent schedule here so you can get a flavor of our routine. Chucks call is W1HIS should you hear only he and not I.

      We are int eh same location that you visited so long ago. Nothing much has changed save the kids are all gone and enjoying their own lives. Most are close but Whitney is married to an Air Force Master Sargent and lives in Colorado Springs. Cyndi just returned form a visit.

      Yes I heard form George once. He is inactive and doing his guitar thing and enjoying Phoenix. He does not sound much interested in doing Ham Radio. I still enjoy HR a lot and wish we could spend a little time chatting at a hamfest somtime in the future but that opportunity seems unlikely from where I am sitting.

      Anyway, glad things are going well for you and Betty. Hope your daughter is doing well and you get lots of time to spend with the grandkids, exploring etc.

      Best, Chas

  5. lu1xs

    May 22, 2012 at 2:38 am

    Nice blog friend.
    73, Oscar

    • w5pg

      July 3, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      Thank you buddy! Ive been away a bit so I hope to pick up posting once again this summer. I trust this note finds you well. Best, Chas


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