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Week ending 7-06-2012

Just a short note with a fitness update. Completed the week by commuting by bike to and from the Y to do my exercising. Mostly did okay but early days were hard enough to make me want to walk home. Towards the end of this week I felt much better even though the local temperatures were high (mid nineties). Ill have to trend earlier and earlier as we get into the dog days of summer. I want to try to get some good mileage on the bike this summer so that I can possibly do a longer bike hike in the fall. A century (100 miles) would be a reasonable goal I think. The routine at the Y is about the same every day- 30 minutes of mixed walking/ gentle jogging and almost 100 reps on two different machines (Back Stretch and Abs machine). I hurt my shoulder or I would do something with my shoulders but my rotator cuff seems damaged.

Ive decided to go back on my Primal Diet again. Ive got to eat my way through the junk we now have in house as I tend not to waste non-spoiled food stuffs. This too shall pass.

All for now. Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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