Year End Whining

28 Dec

Okay already! I avoided a chunk of coal for Xmas this year, but not for lack of trying. I never cleaned out the garage, nor did I do all of those Honey Do’s I was supposed to get done. But I promise Ill do better this year. Honest. I have the best of intentions. But first I need to limber up for Straight Key Night. Yup, Im gonna try to do this again this year.

Have you ever noticed that when you want to use that wonderful electronic widget that you received for Xmas or Birthday that the proprietary cable, charger, adapter is nowhere to be found? After a lifetime of gifting and buying just the right widget, I am overwhelmed with electronic clutter. These items are too long to be hung up on some sort of rack or never easily located if stuffed into a box labelled “Cables” or tool kit. I can tell you from experience that cable boxes do not work. Pondering one of the of life’s great conundrums this week I think the only solutions is to: one, scrap all that wonderful stuff or two, buy stock in a plastic box company where one buys plastic stacking boxes that will generically hold most of this clutter as a set. By that I mean if a camera is involved, then the box should hold all the accessories for that camera plus the camera. If a handie talkie is the item in question then by all means add another stacking box to hold it. Sheesh. The overhead of modern life is astounding. Shoe boxes used to work for this but stuff is so much smaller now a shoe box is overkill. No wonder us old folks just find it easier to downsize all of that not-so-necessary clutter in our later years.

Speaking of neato junque, I got an iPod Nano for Xmas. I used to walk with an old Sensa that Matt had tossed when he got an iPod of his own a few years ago. This thingy does everything. It has a exercise feature that tracks walks and jogs and calories burned and just about everything a person that does that sort of thing would want to know. Yesterday I went for a walk and found that I had walked 1.67 miles in 32 minutes and burned 133 calories. That permitted me a second slice of apple pie at supper. Today I chose run vs walk so it calculated a greater number of calories as it thought I was running vs walking and so tonight I can have two or three slices of pie! Just kidding! 🙂

On an entirely different subject, I have decided that preaching about noise reduction is harmful. Folks trying to do noise abatement cannot possibly estimate the cost of the effort at the outset and so more often than not fail and declare it fruitless. No one but an idiot or zealot like me would shop incessantly for surplus ferrites so that any event of noise could be dealt with on the spot. I have about 100 pounds of various ferrite snap its and cores deployed and another hundred pounds on the shelf. I am comfortable with being able to deal with the ever-changing menace, but not many would commit to an open ended project just to make a lower noise level in a Ham Radio Receiver. Virtually everything that you or your neighbors buy and plug into the wall makes noise. It is a forever project. Most just surrender and call it a day. Preaching about it just ticks people off. Lesson learned.

Anyway enough of my complaining. I trust you all will have a pleasant New Year and be sure to stay safe.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG



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