A Christmas Gift

16 Dec

It isn’t very often that an opportunity arrives that takes my breath away. It happens that this Holiday Season is one of those times. You see we have trouble in our circle. It didn’t appear as an overt or singular event, but one of subtle additions. First there was a friend that went to Wisconsin to visit his Mom. Normally he comes home to Texas in time to have Thanksgiving Dinner with our family. This year he didn’t return. Fortunately I received a phone call and the number remained in caller ID, otherwise I would not have known what was wrong. After I called him and we joked a little nervous joking viz his stroke, I asked again about Christmas….”Sure, Ill be there I just need to get this Colo- Rectal thingy out of the way. A subsequent call revealed a further delay which is not too hard to figure out if you read between the lines just a touch. Now IM not sure if our friend will ever make it back “home”.

Later that month we received news that a close in-law had had difficulty breathing and was having tests done. After many months of exams, poking and prodding, our in-law was determined to have stage four lung cancer. There isn’t anything after stage four of any cancer I am told. So now it is the long dreadful haul through the chemotherapy business.  Fortunately they are remaining positive and marching right along through the process.

Lest this be too depressing a post, my son-in-law had a coronary event for the second time in as many years. He is thirty, in excellent physical shape and had the very bad luck to be born with diabetes. Controlling diabetes is treated with drugs of some sort, and in his case he was treated with a very nasty bit of business called Avandia. Avandia is linked to heart disease and in our in-laws case we believe caused significant heart damage. How often does a 30 year old have a heart attack-especially one in tip top physical shape? To make a long story shorter, yesterday he underwent a laser (I think) blockage removal in his carotid artery. That was a scary procedure since any bits escaping go directly into the brain and potentially cause a stroke.

A lot of us Hams are of the age where Nature stops giving and begins taking away; little by little Mom Nature whittles us down to size it seems. I certainly am of that group. I am 66 years old and my bride is also in the same bracket. We have been blessed with many trouble free years of marriage, yet I cannot recall one so back end loaded with reasons to feel blessed. Yes, blessed. Each family in turn has been presented with nasty news, yet each is coping well and soldiering onward as if nothing is dimmed their futures one iota. I trust I will once again see my Wisconsin friend for another Thanksgiving Dinner, my in-law with cancer will camp with us once again somewhere between here and California and my son-in-law is doing well following his procedure. We expect to have a nice Christmas evening meal and can only keep a seat warm for our missing friend with the expectation he will be back soon.

Best of Seasons Greetings to you all. Best, Chas W5PG

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