Leftovers and finding my way in QRP land

29 Nov

It has been a “Leftover” Week. We began the festivities by stuffing the traditional bird. Dyllon and Gramie got up early to do the deed.

That was followed by a series of Turkey Bird experiments on basting, rotating and other assorted black magic of the cooking arts.

Almost Done!

With 20 ish guests for dinner we had two birds. One was smoked, one done traditional fashion. Whilst the first bird was in the smoker, Lindsay and Riley were making cheesecake and pies. One almond praline cheesecake, two apple pies and a pumpkin thrown in for good measure. Yikes! That will destry my Primal Diet for certain.

Lindsay and Riley cookin' pies

Anyway a grand time was had by all. The day after, Cyndi made homemade turkey soup so the whole dang bird was consumed. Everyone had leftovers to take along home too.

Along the way over the holiday, it dawned on my to stop drooling over nice QRP rigs and put my battery back up IC-735 to better use as a QRP rig. To that end this morning I dug out my old Daiwa power meter that had been stored in my parts bin for a very long time and placed it back into service with the Icom. After about  fifteen minutes I had adjusted my old belchfire QRO rig to five watts output and so I have a respectable solution for exactly zero dollars of expense. My old friend Gary (KF6U) had sent along a Vibroplex single lever paddle some months ago and now it is paired with the Icom to make zypher-like peeps in the QRP evenings. Perhaps I too can collect a bee or zombie or some other such critter on the dark side of the HF Bands! Now if I can only find a cheap CW filter for this rig all will be right with the world. I seem to have misplaced my old DSP outboard unit. In fact I seem to have misplaced a lot of stuff. Along with the DSP audio filter, my Icom handie is missing and also my old MFJ antenna analyzer. Maybe my garage is like a washing machine or dryer is with socks. Once they go in only half ever come out.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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