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13 Nov

It has been a while since I commented on the food/diet situation. The short version is I took a diet holiday. In June while visiting my Daughter’s family in Colorado I reached my modern low weight of 195. To celebrate I have been up and down throughout the summer from 195 up to as much as 214. Now Ive got my head screwed on again so am back to mostly Primal. BP again coming down from its heights of 118/66 to back under 112/65. Lessons learned: Salt in any quantity or drinking alcohol (in my case its mostly wine) kicks up the old BP 10 to 20 points systolic.Dystolic seems to fair better as it pretty much stays constant. In any event staying carb free (under 20 grams per day) is now very easy and almost automatic. The next challenge will be to contain volume of foods eaten. Volume matters it turns out. When you are older it really matters. So getting the just right combination of what to eat, how much to eat coupled with exercise (moderate) and admitting age related metabolism slowing is real turns out to be a delicate balance to maintain. Onward and downward. 160 pounds is my goal. Now that Ive learned how to do it I simply need TO do it. My exercise regimen is a constant throughout this whole 1.5 years  experiment. 1.5 miles of walking every morning (almost that is) before beginning the day. It turns out that my walking is done mostly before dawn. Just a short 30 minutes repast.

While I blog I usually listen to the radio. This mornings fare is 24.9 MHz. Loads of very large signals and I am tempted to do more than listen. However, it is almost always duck soup to make contacts on the higher bands and after the novelty of having sunspots wears off I mostly listen unless there is some sort of DX station that Ive never worked coming in. Then I may just add to the bedlam. I may have mentioned that I sent off some envelopes to the buro; something that I have not done in some time. It seems that most of the DX stations these days have all acquiesced to working as if done by machine. Wham, Bam, thank you whomever. More is better no?  Not complaining; just an old persons lament. I seem to have missed the golden era of DXing by being in service for almost 10 years way back when. Cheer up everything appears to be cyclical. Maybe it may get more personal or perhaps it just that hope springs eternal.

My son is enjoying his weather studies so far. He wants to become a storm chaser with the Met Group and Ham Club at A&M. To this end, and knowing he never reads my blog, I suppose I will investigate one of those el cheapo handhelds for Xmas this year. If anyone has a suggestion about them I’m all ears. I don’t want to invest an awful lot of greenbacks in case his interest is simply a passing fancy.

In any event, get on the air! Enjoy your weekend and have fun with the family.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on November 13, 2011 in DX, Family, Radio, Stuff


One response to “This N That

  1. Jim

    November 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Good job on the diet! I am also working on dropping a few pounds, 15 would be nice. Holidays coming up have to watch what I eat.
    Best Regards – Jim


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