Just like a poor carpenter…..

28 Oct

I am not blaming my tools but hope for improvement springs eternal. 🙂 Okay so dont let my better half know but I found an old key. I could not resist. Ive always wanted a W8FYO and could never find an original. I still have not but a close approximation found its way home. This one is a Hamco FYO circa 1976 ‘ish. It is a lot “tighter” than any Bencher I have played with and the base is heavy-very heavy like 2.X pounds heavy. I just broke it in on TX7M, HR9/AI5P, HC2SL and was gonna plug away at 3D2T but the pile was too large for my puny dipole launched 100 watts. Or perhaps I just didn’t have the patience. Anyway here is the new addition. I will use it exclusivly next week for practice and see how she plays on a longer (1 hour) QSO.

Hamco FYO Iambic

Have a wonderful weekend and if you are playing in the CQ WW SSB DX contest this weekend please enjoy yourselves. I have family commitments so the test is a no go for me. I may get an opportunity to cherry pick a couple but that will be the extent of my activity this weekend. Luck to all!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on October 28, 2011 in DX, Morse, Radio


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