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27 Oct

A blog post here on “CW Clubs” received a comment from John, 9V1VV earlier today that brought into focus an aspect of DXCC that has lingered longer in the recesses of my mind than I care to admit. Specifically, how much DX is chased from the scene due to spotting networks, pile ups or just the administrative burden of huge piles of cards to keep track of and dispense? Of course, these are my words not John’s but I believe the sentiment is there. I have often wondered about the DX that avoids open band hours that support propagation to EU or America based on the aforementioned pressures. Surely there exist a group of stations that wish to chat sans the burden of all of that foo for all? I wont get into a tussle about this and must admit that just bringing up the subject is dicey on a Ham Radio blog. However, in all good endeavors there must be a balance and some mechanism should prevail to encourage the open unpressurized exchange of a conversational QSO’s.

The CW Ops group are promoting a CW Rag Chewers (sort of ) activity to provide just such a forum. Already my CW practice chum and I are organizing our daily schedule around this activity to help support it. One can find a CW Ops member listening or operating on the bands at all manner of times and frequencies, generally on the “eights” and may offer a local watering hole for those interested in a convo. Its called the QTX Activity Award and details can be found on the CW Ops web page here. Awards are for CW Ops members but this Award Program can offer a venue in which a great group of CW proficient amateurs can be accessed without the normal hazards of operating if you are one of the coveted DX stations! This activity alone should draw members to the “eights” frequencies:1.818, 3.528, 7.028, 10.118, 14.028, 18.078, 21.028, 24.908, and 28.028.

If you haven’t been to the CW Ops page you may want to take a spin through the website here. They are doing some wonderful things to preserve this aspect of our hobby. The newsletters give a peek into the flavor of the group. Well worth the reading time IMHO.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on October 27, 2011 in DX, Radio, Stuff


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