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04 Oct

10 Meters is BACK! I may be late to the game but at least I’m now there on 10. Ive spent my hamming hours listening to the CW portion of the band and it is sounding a lot like days of yore. Yesterday I was sitting in on the T32 boys pile up and even attempted a call of two but didn’t get any responses. Just now listening to F8 station carrying on with a W2. EU has been in like gangbusters almost any morning I listen. It is now 1850 Z and still the EU stations are loud here in Texas. I have not taken a look at WSPR for spots but I bet it is loaded with DX these days. Before this past week the highest I have ventured in a very long time has been 18 Mhz.

My CW practice buddy is on holiday so I have had to root around and find things to keep me entertained as no practice of late. I finished my two snap it common mode choke data and put that to bed. I was attempting to find the best (most impedance over widest band of frequencies) while only using two snap its of ferrite. The results are posted in a previous posting here in pdf format.

While I am on the subject of ferrite again let me say something that may seem obvious but perhaps not so much if your not as persistent as I am with the stuff. For interconnecting station cables I apply a binocular choke at each end of any interconnect around my station. For example at both ends of my paddle line; or both ends of speaker connection weather it be PC to speaker or radio to speaker.  For signal sources (noise sources within your home), I apply a single choke (in most cases) at the appliance end to keep the offending noise source off of the homes power lines. Power lines are antennas and if you manage to keep it out of your AC wiring you can expect good results generally. Of course WRT noise sources some are so pervasive that more is necessary. Recall my bout with the Verizon FIOs battery charger that trashed the whole house with RFI….that took a lot of ferrites and an AC line filter too!

Well the weekend is finished and all the Aggies have returned to College Station and my daughter and her family just passed through on the way back from Colorado to Walt Disney World and return. They stopped by for a nights sleep and to pick up their dog which we were taking for the duration of the trip on the way home. Me and my dog get to sleep now!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Cash W5PG

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