It’s Been a Long Hot Summer in Texas

03 Sep

I cannot recall a summer so hot. Not warm, not sweltering but just plain hot. Haydes hot. I mean cooking eggs on sidewalk hot. The pool felt like a bath tub mostly throughout the summer which is a less than a desirable way to enjoy a place designed to help cool you off. Finally, it seems as though the back of this oppressive heat is broken. None to soon methinks.

Radio activity has been consistently minimal throughout this period. Daily code practice is about all I could muster energy to get done. I continue my morning walks and attempt to keep my eating regimen up but Ive failed miserably at weight loss since June 19th when I hit my modern day low in that category. But life is generally good and I have time to catch back up with the weight goals. Rome wasn’t built in a year.

The amp continues to work well and my battery backup system for the little rig on the shelf (IC-735) seems to be working well although I still need to find a good GSM cell to add a little more hours to its discharge life. I managed to find a little Fair Rite Mix 31 surplus the other day so I snatched it up quickly to add to my RFI fighting tool kit. I fight precious little RFI these days as I have deployed a lot of ferrite material around but one never knows when someone will have a problem that needs fixing, and Mix 31 is almost never found surplus so I grabbed it.

My son is back at A&M again with a new set of wheels provided by his sister. A 2000 Jeep Cherokee that was extra to their needs and since Matt sold his car to help defray expenses with school it came in very handy and was a timely addition to the family. This semester should prove or disprove his desire to proceed with a degree in Meteorology. I admire his tenacity, but Calculus 3 and Calc based Physics in a single semester seems daunting to me. So we shall see. I only hope that Corps activities don’t manage to divert all his time away from school work. News at eleven as they say on TV.

Ive been getting excited about taking my little Questar 90mm cat out to look at the stars again this fall. Our city sky is too light polluted to see much in summer as the atmosphere seems full of debris and particles. The sky gets darker in Fall and Winter as the air clears out a lot. This summer must be the summer of re-reads as I have been plowing through some old shelf books long forgotten. For read number five or six now I finished Starlight Nights, while later this summer I am enjoying all over again some John Graves Texana writings and also finished up the road book series written by Edwin Way Teale; a set of four books describing  America during each of the four seasons. I may yet find some long forgotten tome that I will like to read again but in the meantime Ive got a book from the local library by David McCulloch called the Greater Journey, a story of Americans in Paris during the early nineteenth century. So far it is a good read. I think I have read all but one of his historical books and the last is in process now.

A few years ago I posted some nonsense here about Anole Lizards taking up the challenge of replacing the Palos Verdes Sundancers….this in response to our long drought of spots. Well I am glad I got that inspiration when I did as this summer has been so hot and doughty that the erstwhile Anole has all but disappeared from our yard. No help for the sun this year! No more bivouacs of Anoles dancing to the beat of modern jazz or god help us Rap!. Only blistering, searing Texas styled heat and zero rain. Perhaps they will return for another try in Fall.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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One response to “It’s Been a Long Hot Summer in Texas

  1. Mike

    September 4, 2011 at 3:33 pm

    Good morning Chas, I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about how HOT it was in Texas. They mentioned how the temp was going down to 90 and that was a relief. Stay cool Chas.


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