We Have Light (Again)

14 Aug

Okay my amp is repaired. Eyesight is a terrible thing to lose. Small spaces and weak lighting have hampered my ability to fix things. It is however, complete sans neatness. However it is safe and that is important. Mouser got me my fuse holders in a single day! Not bad and UPS was involved. Anyway just a short note to say it is back on-line again.

My son left about an hour ago to return to A&M for fall semester. He has to report early so he can get back into the swing of things after a summer off and begin preparing to assist the nubie cadets for their version of hell. Fall Orientation Week is sort of like hell week of old but with less impact than in the old days. He managed to get through it in the spring semester lest anyone think ill of the practice. The first two semesters of a freshman or in this case the first semester of a transfer student wishing to be in the Corps of Cadets is like a stint in Boot Camp. Having been through Boot Camp in 1963 I can certainly see the merits of discipline; especially disciplining today’s youth although they may not be that much different than we were. He gets to play drill sargent this semester.

Matt’s squadron is the transfer student squadron. They have a single semester of indoctrination to go through and cover all the material that a normal freshman student gets in a full year or two semesters. It is pretty intense. I never pictured my son choosing this way of life but he has managed it very well.

That about it for now. More later.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.

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Posted by on August 14, 2011 in Family, Radio


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