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11 Aug

If it isn’t one thing then its another. Well as of yesterday AM I have good news as well as bad news. In keeping with the spirit of the days traditional news broadcasts, I will report the bad first….My amp quit. Yup, it finally gave up the ghost. That telltale smell of burning something or other turned out to be the good news portion of this post. Here we go again! The bits that burned up are cheap and mostly easily replaceable. It turns out the while running my amp on 115 VAC I had developed a high resistance contact within the confines of one or both of the AC line fuse holders mounted on the rear apron. The smell that I smelled was the acrid odor of burning Bakelite wresting its way to alarm my nostrils, but alas I could not find it until it failed. However, it failed with a whimper instead of a bang which with an amp failure is always a good thing.  The bad news in all of this is that any source for panel fuses locally are ready suppliers of cheap imported and wrongly dimensioned parts. It seems everything is dimensioned in millimeters and wrongly built for an older American made product. Who knew or would have thunk it? There are non standard dimensions for traditional black panel fuse holders. Fortunately Mouser is close by and had a suitable replacement. Just days away now.

The other day I mentioned a true “Ham Radio Gentleman” named Len Cary W6AYQ (SK). Len was a shining example to both Gary (KF6U) and myself while we lived in Tracy, CA and kept us from ever seeing the glass half empty. Len was always a positive guy and saw only the good things in life. Well following my writeup, Gary KF6U forwarded a photo or two of Len in his shack that I would like to share here. I have a lot of fond memories of visiting Len and his wife Betty during those years in Tracy.

Len Cary W6AYQ

Code practice went well today sans the amp as the propagation gods saw fit to allow FOF2 to be up around 6 Mhz so MUF was supported to around 18 Mhz. I prefer 17 Meters if available as it is generally quieter than 20 Meters is and more sparsely populated. My received noise is almost on the S Meter pin on 17 whilst is around S-5 or so on 20. More on the amp repairs as soon as I get my parts.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.

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