Just Another Victim of Benign Neglect!

18 Jun

Speaking of my Blog here! I must admit it is difficult to muster up enthusiasm in summer months. There is always something going on outdoors or needing repairs in decent weather that keeps me from posting. Secondarily, I’m going for longer periods sans anything to say. I try not to comment much on politics on this blog so that takes an awfully lot of words out of my mouth these days!

Tomorrow I will celebrate my one year anniversary on the Primal Diet. It isn’t a diet per se, it’s just a way of watching what you eat. I have lost 64 pounds in that year but what is more important is the blood pressure reduction that went along with the weight loss. My BP is running 110/60 ish day to day now and was an abysmal 160/90 when I began. The essence of the eating plan is management of blood sugar through control of carbohydrates intake. It advocates eating like we ate through our evolution versus eating like we have been eating in the last 10 thousand years. We evolved to eat meat and vegetables, not wheat and its derivatives.  Question: what drives blood sugar higher, a candy bar or a bowl of oatmeal? Answer, a bowl of oatmeal. It is easy to test, all that is required is a blood sugar meter from Walmart and an overnight fast. Eat a candy bar one morning then 1 hour later test your blood sugar. Do the same with oatmeal the next day and be amazed. Controlling blood sugar is key to good health IMHO.  Also called Paleo Diet, Primal is much the same as Paleo and can be read about at Mark’s Daily Apple web presence.

Field Day is fast approaching and I have done precious little to make ready. Im hoping my son (KF5FRW) wants to participate with me on battery power form home. It is far to hot outdoors to manage an effort out in the weather. Today is expected to reach 103 F and I think Ill use my advanced age as an excuse to avoid the heat. 🙂

I trust everyone is enjoying the summer with friends and family. We sure are. I still do my Morse practice each afternoon or evening and find it a comfort to help me ensure I get on the air each day to sample just a little of what Mother Nature supplies for free. Radio is a little like surfing. You cant enjoy it if you arent there. Turn it on!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on June 18, 2011 in Radio, Stuff


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