The devil made it happen!

05 May

Okay so I was over optimistic. After 45 minutes of rag chewing on CW the AMP began acting up again. I dislike admitting defeat in public but it is only fair-I danced a celebratory jig earlier this week. As it unfolded, the grid current behaved itself (meaning I think the vacuum relay was ok following a re-flow of its solder). However instead of rising it went to zero while transmitting and coincident with a 20 DB drop in my signal strength at the other end of the circuit. Alas nothing is easy. This IS a 1980’s amp that I have been running pretty hard for three or four years in CW mode. So again this morning I ripped it apart and this time I replaced all the sealed DIP relays which included the input rf relay and a control relay. Recall that earlier I had switched out the Bias relay. I will not declare victory at this juncture- I have learned my lessons. Time will tell the tale.

On another subject, I had chow with some locals that like to mix it up in contests and a good time was had by all. There were four of us in the party and all manner of radio was on the table. We all spun historical yarns that would make us blush later but was great fun in the process. I am looking forward to another get-together later next month. I really miss the social aspects of Ham Radio here in Texas. It is nothing like the Phoenix area or for that matter Northern California. It not a coincidence that of the four at dinner last evening exactly ZERO were natives here. Amazing.

NEQP is this weekend and I plan a modest effort. I have been doing state QSO Parties for several years now and try to never miss CQP or NEQP. Perhaps I will use the occasion to wring out my newly minted repair job. 🙂 Enough for now, 18 Mhz is beckoning and I hear EU’s beginning to crack into the area  (around 1545Z) and I want to bang away again on the amp….73 es thanks for reading the Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.

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