Maritime Radio Day shifts to a weekday

10 Apr

This year MRD is happening during the week. Local Thursday/Friday April 14/15. You can find details here. Apparently this change meant to help avoid contests, QSO Parties etc. I enjoyed this activity last year and used it as an excuse to find and sign with my old ships call signs.  Signing with a report showing my last ship was NUSA was kinda kewl. This year I will be visiting my son so participation will be limited.

Other recent activities include finding a spare QSK board for my long in the tooth amp and some pin compatible dip sealed relays in case that board does not show up….I’m just waiting for parts now. The watched pot….fingers crossed.

The IC-735 arrived in what appears to be good physical shape, however no power cord was included so I have to build one and I have run out of time. I plan to run this radio off of a set of gel cells and will probably get all the things to assemble the spare/backup station next week. This next week will be very busy with visiting son, working on amp, contest club meeting and what seems like an unending number of home projects. Sometimes I wonder how we found time to work as we did for 40 odd years.

I continue to have difficulty adjusting to the new keyer. It just does not “feel” the same as my Logikeyer-5. Now begins what I hope is a short retraining  period so that my abysmal error rates drop back into the realm of acceptability. Right now it is terrible. Like anything else, these devices have a personality of their own and that man-machine interface is quirky. The Logikeyer seemed more forgiving of my sloppy fingering somehow.

Okay, it is time to set and wind my old school mechanical clocks so I bit you adieu.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on April 10, 2011 in Family, Maritime, Radio


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