Lotsa Radio Doin’s this week…..

07 Apr

Man, when it rains it pours. After completing my K1EL Keyer I thought I may have escaped from making repairs on my “Long-in-the-tooth” Amp Supply LK 500 ZC. Alas that was not to happen. Still have some anomalies like grid current intermittently raising and some keying glitches in either QSK or VOX modes in CW. So I began my hunt for Aromat D2SE Dual in line module replacement relays. Not to be found anywhere…not even the specifications. So I penciled out the footprint and internal wiring from the schematics and found what appears to be a suitable replacement from Panasonic (the company that purchased Aromat). Those are on the way and then just for fun I placed a query on the Amps reflector and a nice ham from the northeast responded with an offer of a whole QSK board (defective but problem unknown) for a reasonable price. Push comes to shove I can recover the relays and march on smartly. I may try to repair the board by powering it up standalone on the workbench before cannibalizing it. In any event I now have two ways to proceed.

Other news includes a used IC-735 coming in from Houston which will allow me to place my gel cells into service, along with the Icom to have a nice emergency backup rig should the need ever arise. The gel cell capacity is a trifle meager, but 26 amp hours at 12 vdc should keep it running a decent while and I can always reduce output to help extend battery life. I plan to add a gel cell or two as I am able and we will keep a trickle charger alive to float the batteries up to fully charged. No Brake Power sources have a mandatory replacement date on their gel cells so there is a ready market for “Pulls”. So there is all the news that is fit to print for today. Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for reading my blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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