Finally! I just acheived a major milestone…

31 Mar

The subtitle to this post should be ( as much as I hate to admit it) “How Obamacare Saved My Life”. This will be a relatively long post and probably of not much interest to many. It is not about radio and is mainly a note to preserve for my children how I came to this whole “Healthy” thing.
Several years ago I made a strategic decision viz Health Care insurance. At the time I had a choice with my retirement Medical Insurance of opting for a release of liability to my company after age 65 and choose a cheaper payment premium. The differences were substantial. At age 63 and in good health my premium for retirement health insurance would be on the order of 700 dollars per month per person. That would be times three since my son was still in high school. Compare and contrast that with the same coverage offered at 183 a month total for three of us. Since Medicare Advantage was my choice to select as retirement health provider post age 65 and my retirement company care would almost certainly pay nothing to claims filed after age 65 in that circumstance I saw no downside to letting go. Frankly it was the difference between maintaining coverage or dropping at minimum my son and possibly one of either my wife or myself. Costs were just too abhorrent. 2100 dollars per month exceeded our mortgage. So I choose the less expensive alternative and went merrily on my way to Medicare Advantage which, coincidentally, does not require the need for Medigap Insurance- an additional 120/month expense per person if you choose traditional Medicare. Sweet, I have this system figured out. Well I thought I did right up until that Horrible Obamacare came along and threatened to eliminate Medicare Advantage. Cutting to the chase I am in Advantage for now. However in 2014 that is scheduled to go away.

So there I sat….Bambi in headlights. This thing passed and I am over weight and have high blood pressure. It took a while for me to realize that the only option to the nasty state of affairs in the US with Health Care was to totally avoid it. Yep! Zero intersections with the health provider sector at all. I have no history of chronic disease, no history of operations save a detached retina ten years ago. I do however, sit in front of a computer all day and was over weight with high blood pressure. All those conditions had to change. That, in a nutshell is how I came to do this Primal eating thing, begin exercising and become more health conscience. For anyone that reads here very often you know that I have been at this since June 19th 2010. That is roughly nine months and has been “interesting”. Like all long term efforts one has good series of days or weeks and some not so good. Generally this has been a rewarding effort and today I achieved one of my major milestones. I began this journey at 264 pounds, BP of 160/91. I had trouble walking a quarter of a mile. This morning I hit 200.8 pounds. My BP this morning was 102/64. I jogged and walked inter spaced for the first time in almost thirty years. Normally I simply walk-no jogging at all. BMI today is 29. I began with a BMI or 34. Severely obese. Now, with a BMI of 29 I am considered overweight. I want to get to 160 pounds eventually but no hurry. I can hit the “Normal Range” BMI at 174 pounds. That’s just 26 more to go.

The true hero in this story is Primal Eating. It is the only manner of eating healthy that I have ever stuck to….google Mark’s Daily Apple to research this regimen. Also a host of informative blogs which begin and end with this…hanging around Mark’s Daily Apple will lead you to other informative sites. I keep my food journal on Mark’s pages.

I’m alive (or at least sans heart attacks) due to this regimen. So now it is onward to 160 pounds. That will be my next milestone. Hopefully in the not too distant future!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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3 responses to “Finally! I just acheived a major milestone…

  1. Julian

    March 31, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Chuck, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the cost of your insurance premiums! Thank goodness we have the National Health Service over here. But kudos to you for deciding to beat the system by keeping away from the doctors. Way to go! Too many people over here are obese through eating junk food, do nothing and become a burden on the health service. Would making people pay for health care result in a healthier nation?

    • w5pg

      March 31, 2011 at 6:13 pm

      Absolutely Julian! Also making people pay out of pocket for say the first thousand pounds in any given year will reduce the burden on the health care system no matter who is running it….What is really the long term concern (as if paying huge premiums was not enough) is the loss of funding for the world class research that goes on in America today. That and there is no consideration at all given to the lack of available Doc’s to handle all this “Promised” cheap health care….but the part that really galls me is that economic handle that is if you are older and say need a knee, chances are you wont get it as it is uneconomical for the system to provide due to your life expectancy is too short. The discussion about “Death Panels” not being in the Health Care bill was in fact true. But what no one is talking about is that the “Death Panels” were part of the TARP financial bill and only became “enabled” when the Health Care legislation was passed. Another gift of the slight of hand from our almost a socialist Democrats. Im glad I am old as I cannot hardly bare to watch this much longer.

      Best, Chas W5PG


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