Spring has finally Sprung!

23 Mar

And don’t my sinuses know it. The pool looks like a swamp and until the Hackberry tree finishes up blooming out it will have to remain that way. It is futile to skim the top while the wind and nature refill. Fortunately this only lasts for several days and then it’s gone until the next spring. While spring is blooming we are replacing our picket fence around the yard and it has been an interesting three day ordeal (so far). Working with the low bidder turns out to be an adventure in worry, exasperation and for anyone who has worked in a “Normal” business a wonderment of how people stay in business doing work this haphazard way. Its the continuity that concerns me, not the workmanship. If I had adopted a Manana attitude I would have nothing to worry about. Oh well, the steel posts are set, concrete dried and half my pickets in place. Today should be the end of it….fingers crossed.

Mid March 2011

CW practice continues each day with no interruptions. The bands have been very good to us and we almost always choose 18 Mhz, even if 20 M is better form a signal strength perspective, 18 is quiet and mostly less densely populated. For us this band has been wonderful. Earlier this week after our hour of practice was complete Chuck was called by ZS1EL and I could copy him pretty well. They carried on for almost a half hour, Chuck in New England and ZS1EL in South Africa and I was able to copy a lot of it. The ZS slowly drifting in and out of my local noise level but mostly copyable. I could have easily slipped in a quick signal report but elected to not interrupt. Quite exciting for me as I had not worked a ZS in some time.

On another note I downloaded Firefox 4.0 yesterday and it seems quicker and less of a memory hog than earlier versions of Firefox. I will check further today with more tabs open to see if it operates over longer than 24 hours with less memory utilization. With 4 tabs open early in my experimentation I was using 220K of memory and a similar condition with FF3 would have consumed 450K of memory resources. So far so good.

That’s all for today and thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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2 responses to “Spring has finally Sprung!

  1. Paul PC4T

    March 24, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Hi Chas, I really long for spring. The last few days the weather is fine here. Sunny and nice temperatures, about 15 C. I let the rig run WSPR while I am sitting in the garden. 😉 I have to catch some sun rays, because in May we renovate our garden. It will take about 4 weeks. Yeah, Firefox 4 looks great. I installed the new version today. Is that your pool on the picture? Great to have one. 73 Paul

    • w5pg

      March 24, 2011 at 1:08 pm

      Not so great to clean and feed with chemicals Paul! It gets tiresome after 20 years or so…especially if the children grownup and go away from home. Then it is just another task that keeps one tied to the house. We still get to use it occasionally during the summer heat. It gets to 100 F quite often and so is a nice respite…..but hard to remember that during winter!~ HI! Yes Firefox 4 seems to reun pretty well. It seems a lot quicker than version 3 and also seems to run in less memory. Best to you and see you on the bands soon. Chas W5PG.


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