11 Mar

This is NOT a radio post. I would not want to waste anyone’s time by inferring that. No, this is a midlife crisis, cabin fever, not losing weight post. Ive been stuck at 203 forever and its driving me nuts. After a long weight loss dry spell, I decided to change things up a bit.

This is QRO:


And this is QRP:


As you can tell, I opted for QRP. QRO was nice but with old age, my present state of infirmity (no vision in right eye) and slow reflexes I decided to do the mature thing. Yeah I know, bummer. I could have ridden to California or to College Station of other exotic locals with a QRO solution. But hey; I really want to live to see my grand kids graduate from high school or maybe college.  So there it is. Another method of losing some weight. That would not have happened on a motorcycle. Besides the family is breathing a lot easier now.

My radio life has not changed up very much. We still practice code each day and things are getting a bit more consistent at 35 wpm. I still to this day have trouble with certain characters that are demanding more specific character practice but I have been bad about doing that.  Sigh….but the beat goes on. Like walking, after a while it becomes a part of your day and without this practice, something seems missing.

The weight thingy is going okay but only just. I began at 264 pounds and now am at 203. Blood Pressure is nice at 110/60 ish and beat rate is in the low sixties. Biking requires an entirely different set of muscles and so after walking and under the wild delusion of being in shape, my ability to ride took a severe setback. This activity, not unlike my early efforts at walking, will require some easing in until those long atrophied leg muscles get back into shape; not to mention the ever present butt muscle that also seems to suffer with new riders. It is progress nonetheless.

So there you have it…another new adventure. Not as exciting as a motorcycle ride to ever land but a joy just the same.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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