Alberta Clipper-Arrivng!

31 Jan

Well now isn’t this a fine how do you do? Fifty three today and a forecast for fourteen in a day or so with a Wintry Mix. That forecast necessitated some emergency pool maintenance. When the temperature goes near freezing the pool plumbing switches on to keep the water flowing thus avoiding a freeze up within the plumbing. The filter had seen better days and so back pressure had risen to about 30 pounds and so a good cleaning was required prior to the “freeze guard” switching on for perhaps as long as four days. Oh My. Not a fun thing to do in fifty degree weather but better than freeze the plumbing due to no flow and back pressure. Anyway, job completed and now we just have to see if the weather guessers are correct. Someone once reminded me that there is nothing between here and Canada save some barbed wire fencing.

CW Practice this morning was an adventure in poor propagation. My Morse partner has shifted form using IcePac to Voacap and the results are less than stellar. Voacap keeps insisting higher bands are open and they are not. We test each opening each day on all forecasts with a greater than 50% reliability forecast and find, for the most part, Voacap is too optimist on higher bands. Namely 15 Meters. I learn more each day. It has been an interesting experiment.

One of the gang in California sent along an email with pictures of the current Orkney Is. DXpedition. These guys are all my age so I have to tip my bonnet to them all. What an adventure that must be! I wish I could be there. My last contest/DX adventure was to Boston and before that it was Sint Maartin. That last one was almost ten years ago now. It seems like only yesterday. On most days I am content to sit in my warm shack and let more ambitious fellas do the cold weather adventures….but still…..maybe next year!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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