2011 Finally!

22 Jan

I must be in a dream. I’m just now taking a deep breath and realizing that it is 2011. The confusion that was the period between Thanksgiving and January 7th (the date my son began University ) seems like some bad time warp. I am positive you have had periods in your life like that. Blink twice and months go by. In any event, it is what it is and here we are. Son safely ensconced in his new digs at TAMU (Corps speak is “Hole” or room to the rest of us) and over most of his Bambi like behavior. In fact the cell phone minutes have stopped burning up at a solar flare rate. Thank goodness!

Lots of fodder for projects this year:

  • repair amp TR switching
  • get the HW-8 on the air
  • fix the Mac Power book I was given with a new hard drive
  • Repair the wife’s net book display hinge (HP I hate you)
  • change out a ground fault circuit breaker
  • Ugh…so many opportunities

We still carry on Morse practice each day. That schedule seems to be a nice constant in my life. If you practice code with the same fellow for several years, one can almost complete words misspelled or sentences left incomplete by the other partner. One can almost predict mood by cadence sent and syntax change from “normal”. We are not improving at the rate we were several years ago. We in fact regress over time as the years take their toll and good and bad habits creep into operating practice. The mind wanders as we become familiar with sentence constructs, and word use is so predictable that that in itself allows the mind to have time to think about new subjects while paying peripheral attention code being sent. This, in itself, causes a certain wandering mind symptom that tugs and gnaws at code perfection. Practice is not boring as my words may belie. Every day is a new experience. The “Mother Nature” syndrome always kicks in and time of day, season, solar cycle or any one of an endless series of changes occur to keep us on our collective toes. What keeps HF Propagation interesting for me and untenable and unpredictable for commercial interests is the freshness of each days operating experience. I have met some old Ham’s that think it stale and boring and find no joy in the vagaries of HF. They seem to want safe, reliable and predictable. To them I say look to 80M and locals or the internet. For me it’s the challenge that keep things interesting.

To all who read here from time to time, let me extend a HNY to you all-belated as it is … I hope to be more consistent posting on the blog and at minimum have some fun new learning experiences to share with the community.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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