Welcome 2011 & Happy New Year to all!

01 Jan

Its been a while since I last posted here. Things seem to have become a lot more complicated since my son is going off to college in just five more days. All of that activity coupled with the normal holiday confusion has served to keep me occupied elsewhere. Schedules to practice code continued as did our looking after grandchildren while our youngest daughter returns to school. The weight loss, health improvement progress took a well deserved hiatus and we finished our year at a 210 pound level, well above my intended target of 200.  Such is life and we have time in our favor. January 1st sees us again dedicated to progress toward 160 pounds and the health attendant with that weight. My initial goal was to go from 264 to 160 in a year. June 19th is the one year anniversary so we shall see if that goal can be met in due coarse. Even though weight loss plateaued, walking continued throughout the holidays with a single day off (Xmas).

During my December CW Schedules I discovered that my amp had created a nice carbon arc path on my window entrance panel and so I did spend some time shopping for genuine porcelain feed through insulators to banish that issue once and for all. I found a set on ebay and my CW buddy in Boston offered up a set as well and so we are going to try to drill access holes and do some soldering and take care of that problem today , if it ever warms up enough to permit an open window without freezing my family.

Antenna Feed Through Arc to window sill

Out with the banana jacks I had been using for feed through insulators and in with proper porcelain ones. Symptoms included my code chum complaining about signal breakup and my thoughts immediately turned to his issue of blowing up chokes boxes due to water seepage and accumulation inside the box. I avoided looking at the window sill as my assumption was I had need to remove and replace my choke box atop my mast. A lot of work and not a happy prospect. However, a little detective work revealed the problem not to be as significant as assumed and we will make short work of it today, now that the insulators have arrived.

I am pleased as punch that our family made it through another year all awakening on the green side of our respective lawns and so health and wealth are reasonably intact, unlike 2008/2009 when health survived but we all got creamed otherwise. I trust the majority of that is behind us now but one never knows. At least 2010 was a good year in that respect. As usual, life is in constant change and about all any of us can do is meet it with a sunny disposition and make of it what we may.

Happy New Year to you all and thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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