Saturday 4 December 2010

04 Dec

I’m just catching up around the house after Thanksgiving Holiday and listening to KSM Coastal Station on their 8 Megger frequency of 8.438.300 MHz. It is a very nice brisk day here with clear skies and loads of falling leaves to fetch out of the swimming pool. In between visits to the pool sweep I found a college station at Texas A&M where my son goes off to school in another month or so. Its call is W5AC and was founded in 1912. Matt only has a Tech license and may not have any time to visit the station during his first semester, but perhaps during his junior year he can carve out a little time to make it over to the station. His call is KF5FRW and he learned the code in spite of not having to pass a code test. Matt has chosen to join the Corps of Cadets while attending A&M so he essentially will be carrying a standard academic load simultaneously with all those activities associated with a Military Academy. He hopes to become a Meteorologist and serve his country in the Air Force. This coming week we will travel to A&M to further investigate the Corps and try to get a leg up on preparation for his new adventure.

Code practice continues for both W1HIS and myself although Chuck has opted to stress test his low broad band antenna in the 160 M contest this weekend. I sure wish that I had a seventy foot span that I could drape one of those antennas into here at my house. After having used it to work all bands in a ARRL DX CW Test a few years ago I really want to erect one here, however, the only stretch I have is directly above the pool and that would not go over very well. 🙂 Someday perhaps.

Ive not got a lot to report as activity has been limited to code practice. I am again contemplating entering DX Marathon courtesy of CQ magazine and report the DX worked here as a means of keeping current and forcing myself to log things as well as using it to add content here that someone other than myself may be interested in reading. I envision a posting setup somewhat similar to the posts that Paul (PC4T) runs on his blog. I always like and enjoy reading what others are working on the HF bands.

This morning my weight loss program has again rewarded me with another milestone. This time I hit a weight of 210 pounds which is down from 264 on June 19th 2010. I was aiming for an even 200 pounds by the first of the year but it appears an unachievable goal at this point. I will pay for that Thanksgiving Meal by taking and extra week or so to recover my loss slope on the graph. Oh well, it seems to have been worth it. There is precious little turkey and trimmings left to gnaw on now!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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4 responses to “Saturday 4 December 2010

  1. Paul PC4T

    December 5, 2010 at 11:11 am

    Hi Chas, Meteorologist is a nice job. Maybe in my next life I will do that. 😉 The purpose of my blog was a sort of ham diary, to see what I have worked, and a way to share that with other hams. My blog is not a technical one. I leave that to others which I like too to visit. December is the hardest month of the year when one is on a diet. I’ll have to take care not to gain too much weight. I think you need new clothes when you lose that much weight. 73 Paul

    • w5pg

      December 5, 2010 at 12:18 pm

      You are very correct Paul! I was attempting to dress for a concert with my wife and her choir and discovered to my chagrin that I had but one pair of trousers that would fit properly. Unfortunately, with another fifty pounds to lose I have to get through some more time before visiting the men’s clothing shops. I would rather not purchase twice! So it will be gym clothing and casual sweats until I can reach my goal, hopefully this summer. Best, Chas

  2. Dick

    December 5, 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Hey Chas, a couple pair of chinos, a few sweat-shirts, couple of sweaters…all you need, unless you are going to the office every day. OK, one suit for church and concerts.

    • w5pg

      December 5, 2010 at 9:01 pm

      Hey Rich! Been livin in sweats, gym shorts and tee’s. Only remaining khakis were found in the back of the closet in my last fat guy purge…I gotta do it soon. Folks in Texas do not wear suits to church. Golf shirt and slacks are the “Uniform of the Day” around these parts. Im in 44 now would like to hold off until I get closer to 40….:) Nice problem to have though going forward. I aint complainin by any measure. Best, Chas


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