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13 Nov

Ive been gone for a week or so and I thought I should post something here. Not a lot in Radio happening this week. Some weeks are like that I suppose. We managed to practice every day again and noticed that FOF2 was approaching nine on several days. Most days 18 Mhz was open and like a landline between here and Boston…..FOF2 is the primary output of Ionosondes. Roughly multiply FOF2 by 2.5 and you find an approximation for MUF. The day FOF2 hit 8.9 MHz 28 MHz CW was hot as reported to me via email by W1HIS.

Thursday was Veterans Day and I was asked by a grandson to visit his school for a Veterans Program. I did and was surprised to see 50 others of my age and infirmity in attendance. I came home with a small US Flag and a warmer heart. Viet Nam seems so very long ago now.

After almost a month of no progress in my weight loss campaign, I have moved a trifle. I began the summer much over weight and with high blood pressure. With diet and exercise that is now in check and under control. I have lost 50 pounds over the summer and dropped my BP from 160/91 to a solid 110/62 with a resting heart rate of about 60 BPM. 50 more pounds to go. That will take longer than the past 140 days or so that the first 50 pounds took to find a new home. Rome was indeed not built in a day. However, today’s weigh in felt so good it was like all 50 came off today.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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2 responses to “Keep Alive Post

  1. Dick

    November 13, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    17 meters has been fairly good lately. I’d like to concentrate on that band for the next couple of years. My YL has been diagnosed as a possible candidate for diabetes. She is also now on a strict diet. GL es 73 de Dick

    • w5pg

      November 13, 2010 at 4:19 pm

      Thanks Dick. Diabetes is a reversible disease. My Great Grandmother and Grandmother both had it so I am very sensitive to its effects on me. At teh risk of sounding like a food cop, you may wish to check Marks Daily Apple for Primal Guidelines to eating. I have been following this regimine for several months now and find it satisfying as well as healthy. The USDA Food Pyramid is almost exactly inverted. Grains are bad and meats and veggies are good. I have the blood chemistry to prove it and so do a lot of others.

      Try having a look at:

      Best of luck to both you and your wife. Chas W5PG


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