Morse Code “Envy”, or true confessions of a code addict.

24 Oct

It must be readily apparent to anyone that listens to our code practice. My youth was misspent. Now I am old and there is no going back. Yet, each day I try to recapture my youth. Whats that you say? Impossible! Yup. It is impossible, yet I try every day. Why else would anyone in their “right” mind practice code every day for an hour, rain or shine, save recapturing youth or some equally impossible goals? I must be a masochist. Oh we do well enough for old duffers. But, that isn’t good enough. I am not making headway with error rates. I am not making headway with speed. I cannot change speed with any form of dexterity. Things like slowing down toss me into a quagmire of extra dits and dahs for some period until I again settle down and get my meter back. Meter is that syncopation that comes with time and practice …or so I thought.

Perhaps it truly is a phenomenon of old age? There are a finite number of years left to get proficient and so I hurry to get it done? Maybe it’s age creeping into my ear hand coordination conspiring to short circuit my code proficiency? I cannot seem to make a proper character eight. I forget how to make a character Q. I never seem to get to the point where I can construct a sentence in my minds eye and send it automatically.  Composing while sending is a real issue for me. Focus, focus, focus….or lack of same undermines my perfect sentence. Drat!

Someone once said a poor carpenter blames his tools for crooked cuts. Well, I succumbed. I have owned every key known to mankind and some that were not known. Ive played a Stradivarius, a Begali, an Edsel, a Vibroplex, even a Yugo key but nothing changes.  I”ve toyed with Sony’s, broken hard drives, J-38’s, P-51’s and Magnetic Classics. All to no avail. That hard sought after comfortable rhythm, the beat of that cool, natural syncopation that comes with perfection alludes me still. Yet I go on; embarrassing myself on the air for all to bear witness. I don’t care.  Hell Yes! It’s Fun!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on October 24, 2010 in Radio, Stuff


One response to “Morse Code “Envy”, or true confessions of a code addict.

  1. Jim Diggs

    October 25, 2010 at 4:35 pm

    Don’t worry about it… None of us are perfect… I gave up on sending perfect code some time ago… But the prosigns are gettin to be a bitch… Seems like the looser and floppier a set of paddles are better I do… Go figure… Anyway I talked to an oldtimer yesterday and he sounded like a beginner… But when he told me he was 92 I figured it was OK… I just hope I can still slap a straight key when I am in my 90’s

    Good Luck..



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