160 Meters or Bust!

20 Oct

Okay, Ive spent some time this past week looking at solutions to get me on 160 Meters. I didn’t want to write anything here until I found a solution. Well, this morning I came up with an unusual solution that does not involve 160 Meters at all! I simply gave up. Too much wire and supports for my diminutive city lot. Dang it and Winter is coming along too! What changed my mind? Simple. My wish to return to my roots and the return of sunspots and the ability to go higher in frequency without upsetting the neighbors. I’m gonna build a plumbers delight 10 Meter 2 element quad or yagi. Something simple that can be swung with a TV rotator (which I have in storage in my garage) and does not need to live at nosebleed heights. I am not settled on the exact antenna configuration yet, however, Ill post it here when completed. I may go back to fishing poles again since blanks in that size are pretty cheap. All that remains to be solved is the boom material and mechanical considerations and Ill get on the road to construction. Many years ago I was an active participant in 10-10 Int’l and perhaps I will get active again. I’m not sure about any of this at this point, but it proffers a sunny change in my hamming activities.

Other items….I am still stuck on purpose/activity/necessity of Ham Radio and other useless items that folks with too much time on their hands fret about. I began musing about this sort of thing when I stopped collecting cards and awards for DX’ing. It became like just another stamp collecting activity with an appliance between you and your stamp album. I seem to be able to justify CW practice because it seems to help stave off mental loss in old age by keeping the brain active. My perceived mental acuity has improved over time while practicing CW each day. Some of the hobbies other activities mostly fall into the stamp collecting category for me. Building, learning, making mistakes and correcting them is a form of consumption and may serve no purpose other than to gratify one’s quest for knowledge. That is a noble purpose IMHO. Perhaps I am too seasoned in the hobby and need to get a fresh outlook on things. After 51 years, Lord knows I have enjoyed most aspects of this hobby. I would never suggest that I know a lot. I do not. I make lots of errors and miscalculations in the hobby. As I said I may need a fresh outlook. Maybe going back to 10 Meters will help. While I was penning this piece I worked EA8CN Andy on my dipole at 27 feet. That’s pretty kewl. Finding and working someone is always fun. It still is truly magic isn’t it?

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on October 20, 2010 in Radio


One response to “160 Meters or Bust!

  1. Paul

    October 21, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Hi Chas, 10 meter is a wonderful band. So I like 6 meters as well. For 160 meter you could consider a EH antenna, yeah I know it’s a controversial antenna, but some do believe the concept. Sometimes it slips into my mind to use it for 160 meter because I have no space for a 80 meter long wire. Good luck, 73 Paul PC4T


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