Ugh! I am out of time…

24 Sep

There is no further putting off for my housekeeping project. I am simply out of time now. I tried. Honestly I really tried to get this completed. A bit of life got in the way. And, of course, pure and simple lazy helped out. Now I must spend my weekend tearing apart the station and rewiring it all. Several weeks ago my young son finally relinquished an unused 2.4 Ghz windoze box to me and I went out to purchase a KVM switch so I could push the older and still usable windoze boxes under counter but still maintain access. The KVM switch is still in its plastic shop bag laying on the floor next to the summer repair tools from my swimming pool pump job sometime in July. Slovenly, just slovenly I say. Isn’t getting old wonderful? When your old you can tell your wife, “yes dear, but that dust bunny has a certain panache that clean surfaces lack”, and get away with it….for a while. It is only when company arriving is imminent that cleaning takes on a rushed, breathless immediacy that foists upon one’s lazy side a sense of urgency. That’s where I am living just now. The last of my excuses is currently drying in the rest of the house- freshly cleaned carpets are still moist. However, should the AC unit mange to remove the last vestiges of excuse form an otherwise passive carpet I will be doomed to a life of crawling under desks, sorting out USB from Serial and attempting to once again vanquish a world of dust bunnies and accumulated soot that was invisible in an otherwise normal world.  Drat it anyway! Weekends are made for relaxing!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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