The End of Summer and other Rumminations

12 Sep

Although it hardly feels it, summer is about kaput. Here in the Heart of Texas things are still a might warm to be sure, but I peeked at Accuweather’s two week forecast and I am seeing overnight lows in the 60’s creeping into the forecast. Its about time I say. Personally, I am about ready for some snow.

The finishing touches are almost complete on the 100 Days of Summer post I am planning here. It seems that getting on this health kick has sucked all the wind from my posting and we are anxious to renew acquaintances here. Taken all together, it was a productive albeit non publishing summer. I got a lot of reading done. When I ran out of new things to read I recycled older books. Recently I read an old favorite that I must have read and reread at least six times. It is called Starlight Nights by Leslie Peltier. I fist encountered this biography in the early seventies and then lost or gave it away. Years later I found that I wanted to read it again so I began a search on my favorite used book store, ABE Booksellers on the net. If you have never used them do try that site out. That website aggregates most used booksellers in North America and some in Europe together with their inventories in a search-able database accessible to anyone. It is wonderful and you can find some great bargains there. Finding used books priced at a dollar is not unusual. Shipping and time for same are sometimes more than the book but I have time and most often I can find a series of three books for about a tenner shipped. Getting back to Les’s biography, I found a signed first edition with some extra’s on ABE. Starlight Nights is one of my rereads this summer. One of the things I decided to do early on is collect all the books referenced in Starlight Nights. I was and am totally captivated by his charming story of life growing up in the early nineteen hundreds on a farm in rural America. When I discovered this book some years ago I wanted to read more and more about the life and times and I used the bibliography and notes from this book to order more contemporary books. After all, nineteen hundred was my grandparents time and they are not available any longer to question closely. From one book I find many and it is quite an education. The language varies between spare and florid, but all in all the glimpses one gets into how people lived are priceless.

With the approaching Fall comes an increase in radio activity. Better propagation, fouler weather so indoor activities are more likely to be forgiven from chores and the increased energy that naturally emanates from a chill in the air. To that end, I am having a guest for a week surrounding the California QSO Party in early October. This of course necessitates a flurry of cleaning and completion of things that have been languishing undone since spring. My piles of tools left form laboring over pool pump repairs in the heat of summer now, finally, must be picked up off of the floor where I dropped them in late June. Clutter is resolved to be straightened and dust must be (as my Pennsylvania Dutch father was oft heard to say-“ret up”) banished to its rightful bin. I may even end up with a clean and tidy shack again.

My young son has presented me with his old desktop computer (2GHz AMD) that he no longer uses since he became a Macbook owner. I went to the local emporium and bought a KSM Switch and so now need to plunk all the three computers under desk and connect them so I can boot whichever one I want to use. I really need to find a wireless backup hard disk that I can hang on my network so I can share files easier. I need a local backup at any rate. All those jpg’s are forever getting lost or “new computered”. This all needs be done prior to CQP.Its never done is it?

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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5 responses to “The End of Summer and other Rumminations

  1. Paul

    September 12, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    Hi Chas, well, summer was too short for me. Now we made up for the fall and winter. I will make a change with antennas for it start freezing again. “ret up” sounds like: “rot op” in Dutch what means as something like: beat it. All the best Chas, take care, 73 Paul

    • w5pg

      September 12, 2010 at 6:33 pm

      Hey Paul! I would guess that those of you in the far cold north are getting chilly by now. Aren’t you near Iceland’s Latitude? 🙂

      Good luck with the new antenna. Just today I am cleaning out pool filters getting ready for weather that when it comes, will keep me indoors and not servicing pool machines. One day we will QSO my friend!~ Best, Chas

  2. Paul

    September 12, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    Hi Chas, we are on the same latitude as Newfoundland, Canada. Iceland is far more north… But when it’s October temperatures will get lower by and by. But first fall with a lot of rainy days and strong winds. A hard time to get up antennas, so it must be done before weather changes for the worst. 73 Paul PA0PSY / PC4T

  3. Gary KF6U

    September 14, 2010 at 1:43 am

    My sister and I were recently reminiscing when our mother would tell us to “red-up” the table
    for dinner, meaning to set the dinnerware on the dining table. Then after dinner, we would
    “red-up” the kitchen. That was in northern Ohio, not too far from the Pennsylvania Dutch country. 73 OM de KF6U

    • w5pg

      September 14, 2010 at 1:56 pm

      Thanks Gary! Yes, not too far. The Amish and Ohio branches of Amish have spread their collective roots. Good to hear from you old friend. Please send some cooling from the Pacific Ocean? We need relief….Best, Chas


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