Just checking in…

05 Sep

I apologize for being gone. The summer has become a busy time for us. Firstly, I have been engaged in a move toward better health and that entails writing a food journal each day as well as a lot of time researching what seems real and believable in the world of nutrition and what is junk science. It seems as though all the worlds Patent Medicine Salesmen have shifted operations to health, nutrition and weight loss. In any event I am finding my way and sorting through a whole new field. Secondly, on a different front, I am now engaged in child care as a part time job. My youngest daughter has decided to return to school and so I am assisting with some low cost child care as an enabler. That job has just begun and seems to be going okay so far!

My weight loss and blood pressure experiment is going well albeit slower than I would like. BP is down to a solid 110/65 ish with a stationary heart rate of around 68 on average. Weight was 264 when I began and as of this morning it was 231.2. I am not jogging yet and my daily walks only cover 1.5 miles. I have missed only 2 walks all summer and this due to an attack of gout.

Lessons Learned:

  • People need very little to eat. I do nicely on 750 or so calories per day if I am careful.
  • How easy it is to over eat. Everything you stuff into your mouth has more calories than you think.
  • How eliminating all grains and most carbohydrates can change your life. No more snoring, dandruff, flaky skin. No allergies.
  • I seldom get hungry if I eliminate sugar, grains, carbo’s from my diet-no more sugar energy crashes or snacks needed mid day or afternoon.
  • Fasting is a good thing. Most days I eat a single meal. Some days (at least once per week) I eat none.

This all sounds rather extreme but I assure any doubters that my regimen is nutritious and healthful. I have great energy all day long and no ill effects so far. Of course as in all things like this ones individual metabolism must dictate what is correct for your body.

Radio activities soldier on. We still maintain our code practice daily and I find that at thirty five wpm I am beginning to feel more comfortable. Copying our code practice has never been an issue. It is developing the mind set and muscles to accurately send code. Accurately is impossible if one is to  challenge yourself upwards. I have no idea when enough speed is enough but we keep pushing upwards. Occasionally I revert to a speed of less than practice speed just to check on sending proficiency and find that I can make a lot fewer errors and so then back I go to my practice speed.

Astronomy is creeping back into my life. This time I hope that I can avoid aperture fever and keep things simple and use what I have to learn the sky and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. It is my not so learned opinion that to exhaust the potential of a four inch scope would take a lifetime. My last venture into astronomy got hijacked by a focus on equipment and a paucity of starlore. Anyway, it keeps me entertained.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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2 responses to “Just checking in…

  1. Paul

    September 5, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    Hi Chas,
    You’ve got the blood pressure of a young man. And what a great weight loss. After a few months the weight stabilize more and losing weight will become more difficult. But hold on, finally you will lose more weight. Do not go lower than 700 calories/day, because basal metabolism goes down. Don’t starve yourself. 😉 I like astronomy myself. I get a daily mail from Universe Today. It’s free. Good information. 73 Paul PAØPSY / PC4T

    • w5pg

      September 5, 2010 at 8:07 pm

      Thanks Paul; very much appreciate the feedback. I rarely sustain starvation rations! I mainly use intermittent fasting as a way to jiggle my plateaus….it seems all of August was a plateau! Best, Chas


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