Retirement is a terrible thing to waste!

08 Aug

Along with my new found dieting project I’ve determined several things I want to do in retirement. Most of these things will never happen, however, some derivative or subset of one or more may happen. Besides it is always nice to have goals. They keep your mind active.

I will list these in no particular order and perhaps some that read this will write me off as 100% daft. Others may see the wisdom in daydreaming and planning things that could someday come together, if only in some small way.

  • Learn a language and become proficient in its use. I consider this to be Morse for my personal goals, although because of manual dexterity issues I may never become fully functional its use. It is fun trying though.
  • Lose 100 pounds and become fit in the process. As written of here, I have begun my journey and it continues but is slow going. Things are working themselves out and a level of fitness is returning. Blood Pressure is great and walking is less stressful. I will be posting a monthly chart on the nineteenth of each month showing progress.
  • Do some adventure. For most folks this is a trip to Europe or a cruise or some such prepackaged item to purchase. For me it is daydreaming about my own Forrest Gump type adventure like walking to California or kayaking along the Gulf Coast. Perhaps nothing so grandiose will ever occur but maybe a small subset of such an adventure. Being a Ham one would firstly imagine a DXpedition would come to mind. Lately, I am becoming more and more minimalist.  Thus a walk or paddle with a QRP rig and a blog connection is more to my liking.
  • Write a book, short story or magazine article and in some fashion become published with one,two or more great sentences followed in form by wonderful paragraphs followed by a few rejection slips and finally a published manuscript.
  • Learn a real second language. Perhaps Chinese or Russian and use it “In Country”.

Those should do for a start. Many can be done in parallel. Some cannot.  Imagination is a wonderful thing. It keeps one young at heart.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on August 8, 2010 in Family, Radio, Stuff


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