New Adventures….

07 Aug

I think it is time for a new adventure. Now that my daughter and her children have left for Colorado Springs and we are back alone again I am searching for a new (different) challenge in radio. My code buddy is off on vacation for a bit so I am left with no 1 hour CW practice sessions to feed my Ham Habit. Naturally enough, I am looking at QRP. I used to be involved with QRP in the early days about 1975-76 or so but somehow that morphed into Contesting and DX’ing and other stuff. My long time friend in California (KF6U) reminded me this week of the 14K’er (I think that is correct) and how he was participating. Of course that brought back all those memories of my early TenTec Argonaut and how much fun was had whiling away evenings on the bands using QRP.

I naturally gravitated towards the newest magazine articles reviewing new stuff at Dayton and after lusting after all the goodies  I started to rethink and look at two requirements and attempt to meld a single solution for both needs. One need is emergency powered HF station and the other is QRP. I am thinking about something that I can throttle back into QRP mode and satisfy both needs (wants). Perhaps an older Delta or Corsair since I have no travel QRP plans at the moment? After reviewing that solution I cant help but be tugged by the “Future” and perhaps traveling and camping etc etc. So now I am frightened and confused. Alas the birth of another project is budding as I think about it. I just know I will find a solution among the flotsam and jetsam of used Ham articles that show up from time to time  at various flea markets and Hamfests….and so the hunt begins and isnt that half the fun? What other hobby can afford so many unused QSO’s for such a small price?

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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