Slow Here…Some Notes

17 Jul

Ive been consumed by converting to a better diet and exercise program. I hesitate to use the word diet because that implies an end somewhere along the line. Lets just say I would rather be saddled with eating properly for the rest of my life than the alternative of statins and other noxious potables.

Tomorrow marks the end of what I have planned as segment number one of a scheduled 4 30 day segments of diet and exercise measuring periods. I will summarize here tomorrow since the kids may be interested in seeing how this regimen works.

On a Ham Note I was impressed with twenty meters this week. On all five days we had an easy path between Dallas and Boston at around 1345Z every morning. Almost seemed like Hi Fi of old. My local noise has been muted throughout this summer. I measure this in AM mode at 9KHz Bandwidth almost every morning prior to schedule time. Usual noise levels approach S-7 during most of the year but this summer it has run around S-5 to S-3 and sometimes even S-2. That is amazing for a suburban environment. I feel very lucky.

I think I will play in the CQP again this fall. I may have a guest to help with the effort and thus make it a bit of a social occasion as well as a QSO Party. That is exciting to look forward to for this fall. CQP is always fun and very active.

All for now.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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