The Fine Art of Obfuscation

29 May

Caution: this is not a post involving Amateur Radio.

The root of my concern began while trying to sort out the whole Global Warming Business. Accent on Business please. Its not only a business but it is also the Religion of Gaia. Not particularly fun to write about this following Deep Horizon but I addressed that issue in a prior post. Today’s renewal of my concern stems from a guest post at “Watts Up With That” blog by a fellow named Willis Eschenbach. You really should read it Here . The article is not arcane in the least and it frames perfectly my concerns about modern living.It is a quick five minute read.

In the aforementioned article Eschenbach researches quotes made by Reuters viz ice melting or going away. The source was published in a journal called GRL. When doing a google on selected search terms he found an amazing number of published web references to this same Reuters cited journal article, which coincidentally does not exist. That my friends is the root cause of my concerns. This is not a unique event. In a broader sense this is more new  normal than not.

I researched for a sane baseline of truth for almost three years WRT Global Warming. Until the publication of it was an impossible task. Mostly rooted in establishment scientist community discrediting legitimate framers of valid questions. But that is a small chunk of the problem. GW is small potatoes compared to say, financial reporting, News, process reporting within Government etc.

The withering flow of information, disinformation and out right propaganda is alarming. How does one go about filtering right/wrong, truth/fabrication and of course the corollary is how does one make an informed decision which is basic to good government? Good living?

The informational ground we stand on seems to be a movable bit of property. In a situation like I have described, basic principles wont help because you can only make an honest decision on hard facts, and vested interests seems to be in control of our available data. It is enough to make one seasick.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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4 responses to “The Fine Art of Obfuscation

  1. Larry W2LJ

    May 29, 2010 at 3:56 pm


    You are treading on hollow ground – be very careful! 😉 Lest you be labeled a “Conservative Whackaloon” as I have.

    I wear it as a badge of honor.

    Remember in the 60s when going against the establishment meant anti-business? Seems to me that going against the establishment these days means going against the Hollywood – mainstream media politico-economic machine.

    Larry W2LJ

    • w5pg

      May 29, 2010 at 4:04 pm

      One of the hazards of dissent these days is non listening and immediate name calling. It saddens me that zealots run the press and control any discourse. In the movie “Hunt fro Red October” Jack Ryan was speaking to the Russian Commander of Red October when he said, “a little revolution every now and again purifies the soul”. Perhaps he was correct.

      My patience is wearing thin with all this agenda politics. I simply do not have time to sort through all the lies.

      When I read something on the web I immediately go to “Who is” and find out who owns the url. Then I google as deeply as I can to find out who is behind the site. Its the only way to keep score….that was until go dadddy obfuscated all the domain names and it costs you to find out anything registered with them.

      Ever more confusing.

      Best, Chas W5PG.

  2. Julian G4ILO

    May 29, 2010 at 5:22 pm

    I agree with both of you. It’s impossible for any member of the general public to form a balanced view of this as we are subjected to propaganda from both sides. Even the scientists can’t agree on it, and they understandably will tend to believe people whose views support theirs. “Peer review” essentially means “reviewed by other people like yourself”.

    I really don’t know whether the alleged climate change is caused by man’s action or whether it is part of a natural cycle. But even if it is, I’m skeptical that it would be possible for us now to reverse it. Even if it were physically possible to do something about it (e.g. by us all going back to the stone age) I don’t believe it would be politically possible, because action would have to be taken worldwide and the developing nations aren’t going to give up their chance to have as comfortable lifestyles as we have. We have all seen how fragile the world economy is at the moment and I would question whether it would survive the kind of changes that would be necessary to make a difference to carbon emissions.

    I believe that far more immediate dangers are things like economic collapse, North Korea starting a nuclear war or the Chernobyl reactor finally going into meltdown. But none of those things offer such good opportunities for career advancement as the global warming bandwagon. The best action to take for the effects of climate change is plan how to deal with them, not carry on fooling ourselves we can prevent them.

    • w5pg

      May 29, 2010 at 6:12 pm

      Thanks for your comments Julian. My blog is normally a sleepy kind of place, more a diary for me and the kids than purveyor of deep insights and oracle of technocracy. However, this mornings post created a veritable avalanche of readers. I wonder where they all came from? Yikes! I try to keep my blog pretty vanilla ham radio but every once in a great while, my cottons get picked and I go off on a tangent. So it was this morning. I thank you for your observations and very much appreciate your time to send a feedback. Best, Chas W5PG


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