The world was larger then

04 May

Or perhaps I was a lot younger and less jaded. From this era I can recall my grandfather resting on Saturday afternoons lying in his bed listening to the New York Opera for the regularly broadcast matinee on its FM radio network. He also had a large floor console radio, from which I took fanciful excursions to mysterious and far away places. It wasn’t a very good receiver but it opened my world a bit and helped me familiarize myself with the magic of radio. That journey continues to this day. I happened across this March-April 1947 issue of GE Ham News and it contained a veritable treasure of deleted country listings. This thing took me back. It was published a lot earlier than I became active but was in some respects responsible for my interest in Ham Radio. It was from one of the issues of this application note that I built my first transmitter- a two tube final single bander. The design called for 807’s but all we had were war surplus 1625’s pulled from an arc 5 command set. Very Kewl stuff for a kid still in high school in 1957 or so. I include a Ham News that some DXers may wish to see and drool over. Here lies a veritable cornucopia of deleted countries…this is before Hawaii and Alaska were states, England still ruled the world as witnessed by its sprinkling of prefixes across continents and most of Africa still had names like Rhodesia, Belgian Congo etc etc. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

Ham News April 1947

You can find more if you are interested here .

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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