It’s spring and the sun spots are waning…(?!)

01 May

Is it thirteen or fourteen straight days sans spots now? OMG! Shadows of summer past. Hopefully this will not last and is just a version of the long suspected double dip sun spot bottom. Livingston and Penn aside, this has to come off of zero at some point; and hopefully for more than a month at a crack.

This afternoon I visited the Lone Star DX Club meeting and enjoyed a nice presentation by Randy N0TG about the planning stages of this upcoming fall 2010 CY0 expedition. A nice time was had by all and lunch at Spring Creek BBQ was excellent.

Postings here have slowed a bit. I attribute the slow scribblings to spring and things to do outdoors. Its been lovely here in North Texas and surprisingly pleasant temperature wise. It is indeed nice to get to May without any nasty 90’s temperatures. Today is outdoor BBQ hamburger day with all the children and out of town visiting aunt’s in for a few days.

Just tuned over to the Saturday broadcast from KSM. Propagation is terrible for the 8 Megger cw broadcast. I can hear them but just. Have a listen on 8438.3 Khz. They are QRU listening on various inputs channels; one of which I believe is 7050 Khz.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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