Marconi Activity Day

24 Apr

I don’t wish to sound too negative here, but folks this could be a bit better organized. Going over to International Marconi Day pages in UK there is a large page devoted to stations that promise on air time. One would assume a large and noisy crowd. Well, maybe that is too much to hope for but perhaps a little gentle zephyr of activity? So far I have heard nada.

Now these Award Stations are largely manned by a group of very dedicated volunteers and have real lives and real commitments to deal with during off hours. However, that said, one improvement would be to publish beforehand, a list of recommended operating frequencies. The Radio Historical Society provided some guidance in this area for Friday’s activity but after careful review of everything that I could locate on their site very little was devoted to Saturday’s hours of operation and availability. This is supposed to be a 24 hour event. Setting up a 24 hour event sets ones expectations.

A lot of these Marconi sites are on National Parks grounds or their equivalent in other countries, and I assume from that that the access for 24 hour operations is limited. But, there are a number of Liberty Ships and other potential station sites that should have longer hours of access. It would be nice to know some of these details in advance.

I suppose that since 500 Khz was so important for so long that most activity could (should?) be on that group of frequencies. I know KSM will be running on that set of frequencies but they also are guarding Amateur frequencies. I just have no clue about the other stations.

After reviewing my notes I plan to suggest several changes for this organizing group to add to the list of information they add to their pages for next year:

  • Add a table of suggested meeting frequencies for Amateur participation
  • Add a table of hours of operation for Awards Stations
  • And if possible collate Award Station hours and frequencies for which individual stations have capability

Adding these small changes would help make it much more user friendly and on a par with the recent Maritime Day which was very active and could be found on the bands easily. This celebration has a lot of potential for a bang up activity day and public awareness event plus a history day for children.  Just a small nudge in a different direction may be useful.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on April 24, 2010 in Maritime, Radio


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