Nostalgia Attack

11 Apr

MRD has brought out the worst in me I am afraid. Yesterday during MRD (Maritime Radio Day) I was bound, bet and determined to locate my last ships callsign so I could participate properly. After all, I might not have been a true Sparks but I paid my dues. MRD is really an activity day for commercial Sparks and Shore Stations but what the hay? No harm no foul. So I set out to find my last ship callsign. That was fairly easy and I came across a pdf version of an ACP113 manual which gives Naval Vessels Callsigns. All well and good up to a point, as this book showed ships in service or still on the Naval Registry at the time the ACP113 was published. Unfortunately, several of my past commands had been unceremoniously scrapped or turned into a reef somewhere and as such had been cycled off the Navy’s Registry and so ACP113 did not have them listed and no older ACP’s were available on the net. All I actually needed to participate was my last ships callsign but since I had been on four ships I set out to find them all. And since this is my repository for all things flotsam or jetsam, it is here they will reside until my children decide to toss it all out. I have collected pictures and callsign data for residence at this site. The photos are photos published of the ships at or close to the time I would have been serving aboard. I will post in order of service.

USS Saratoga CVA-60 1963-1964 Callsign NJRS

Saratoga, Independance and Intrepid circa 1961. Sara is CVA-60

USS Kitty Hawk CVA-63 1965-1967 Callsign NZFF

Kitty Hawk CVA-63 circa 1967

USS Ticonderoga CVA-14 1969-1970 Callsign NBMU

USS Ticonderoga circa 1969 around USS Pueblo capture time

USS America CVA-66 1971-1972 Callsign NUSA (How cool is that callsign)?

USS America circa 1971

There were some better photos available but not for a period close to the time I served aboard each ship. I chose to select photos that were representative of a time when I would have actually been aboard. The worst example of photo availability is Saratoga. That photo was taken two years before I arrived.

Disposition: Saratoga is awaiting conversion to a Historical Museum or to be scrapped and is in Newport R.I.; Kitty Hawk was the last to retire and was decommissioned in May 2009 and is in Puget Sound Shipyard in Wa. state; Ticonderoga was sold for scrap in the seventies; and finally the America was sunk in a test torpedoing in the Atlantic Ocean during May 2005.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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