Goofy Things To Do While Waiting for MRD Contacts

10 Apr

Clearly I have too much time on my hands. That isn’t a bad thing, but it leads to developing weird posts like this one. While I was listening to 20M awaiting it to open to EU so I could work some MRD stations I started rummaging through old trinkets I had saved. I don’t know why I kept these things but suffice to say I snapped them so I could post them here and perhaps one day one of my children will rummage through this digital stuff long after the originals molder and go to the waste bin. At least there will be a digital trace left for them to contemplate why in the world I would keep such things.

Okay with apologies to all! Firstly my license that followed K3YMA. Wv6GUL (1959) and K3YMA (1961) have long since disappeared.

Conditional because it was admistered on the USS AMerica CVA-66

Due to service and deployments my K3YMA had lapsed. WA7SHJ was its replacement. Chief Fred Bacon administered the test for Conditional while deployed in the Mediterranean.

WB6SFM (Send that on Morse) during college period after leaving Huges

I was inactive while in San Diego CA so I never changed my 7 call to a six until I moved up to La Verne and began college. That’s where I got my first tribander.

Next some China Trinkets. Some of you may have noticed my China red star cap in the photo to the right. I picked up a bunch of hats like that to bring back as souvenirs from the 1985 trip I made for a work assignment. I spent a month in China proper and had the unique opportunity to operate both BY1QH (Qing Hua University) and BY1PK in the China Sports Building in Beijing. The schools name is pronounced Tsing Wha University. They sent me home with some cards so I could QSL for my log entries while there. Just a short side note. Wearing those caps with the Red Star should be reserved for the brave of heart if living in Texas USA. More than curious stares come your way when wearing such apparel around these parts!

Qing Hua - Chinas version of MIT


I used an FT-1 while at BY1PK. My activities had to be monitored while operating

A student named Yuan Bo was my sponsor to operate By1PK and he was a student at Qing Hua University.

Some Bumper Stickers frm my trip to operate VP2MU in 1987 (I think)

We went to VP2MU in 1987 (I think) for CQWW SSB. We rented Chod Harris’ place (Lost something anyone remember?) and spread out all over the local desert landscape. I had hooked up with a group of K8 stations including George K8GG and Greg K8GL among others and we had a blast. Of course all of this is now blown to smithereens after the volcanic eruption several years later. I trust Amstel Beer is still around?

Some of my old QSL cards with captions.

Older Contest "Throw away" Card from AZ

Sigh-returned as station unknown. From Tracy Ca circa 1980's

No accounting for bad taste in QSL cards.....circa 1994 ish

And now the creme da la cream…St. Maarten.

Circa 1995 of so. I thought all of these had been burned.

Joe, Sharon and Chuck,Cyndi had a ham vacation in St Maarten. Some radios slipped into luggage and before you knew it Ham Radio had broken out coincident with a contest! That might have been more than luck at work. From the looks of this motley gaggle of photos I had better commit it to CD in case WordPress blows up. As always….We Be Hammin indeed!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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One response to “Goofy Things To Do While Waiting for MRD Contacts

  1. Whitney

    April 10, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    I love seeing your old timey things! 🙂 Glad you put it in digital format for all us youngsters – it’s somewhere we can find it!! 🙂 Lol

    Love you,


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