Serendipity Yet Again!

04 Apr

First; Happy Easter!

Just a brief note to post a smallish recording  made this morning quite by accident. As is normal for me, I sit and read items of interest on the internet while my radio plays on my left. Earlier I had been tuning around trying to copy some signals on 500 Khz band and of course I failed to hear anything at all. Later I moved my receiver to the 30 Meter band as it was still very dark and I expected some action. For several hours there was nothing to be seen in my band scope and so I just kept mining the internet for ship stories and I became stuck on all things Titanic. Much later, 1425 to be precise, I heard W7LPV in AZ calling VK6AU. Later by several seconds back came VK6AU and by this time it was 09:30 local and full daylight by at least 1.5 hours. Possibly more but I didn’t manage to note sunrise. I could look it up but not now. In any event I managed a poor recording of the exchange between the two and of course sent a recording along to VK6AU straight away. Later it dawned on me that perhaps some here may like to hear it as well. So here it is. I accept full responsibility for its poor quality. I had to hurry and failed to have time to manage recording levels so it is rather poor I am afraid. In any event I trust it may be of some interest. Lastly, a further surprise when at the very end a ZS2 called in. VK and ZS in the same frequency at the same time. Amazing Props methinks.


Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.

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Posted by on April 4, 2010 in Radio, Stuff


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