A Few Maritime Radio Notes

03 Apr

This is the day to have a listen to KSM Shore Station near San Francisco Ca. Each Saturday they broadcast both on CW and RTTY. The frequency and mode chart is here . Shore Station operations begin at about 1900 Zulu and go to 2300 Zulu.  Early this morning I happened across the Maritime Radio Historical Society’s page here . They have a wonderful Morse Recordings Collection on that site here . (You must click on recordings on the left panel and then the listen link after the panel expands) There are some wonderful Morse recordings including GBTT RMS Queen Mary on her last eastward trip across the Atlantic and lots more to whet a CW enthusiast appetite. A lot of the recorded material is credited to N1EA’s fantastic Maritime website which is a must visit if you are inclined towards history and Maritime Radio. Remember that all of the coast station operations are done by volunteers and so up time is limited. The KSM guys plan to participate in Marconi Day coming up in April. Having such a wonderful facility available and operational almost makes me want to move to Bolinas, CA so I can help out.

Please don’t forget to participate in Maritime Radio Day next weekend. Loads of shore stations and ships participating in this one.  Information can be found at multiple site here and here . Suggested Times and Frequencies can be found in this PDF here . I am planing to participate at least a little and am anxious to see how much I can hear of the ship traffic. A list of known participants can be found here . This list is up to date as of 3 April 2010.

Another fun web site you can explore is found here . Ship traffic allover the world is visible on this map. Just click on a region and zoom into the area. Individual ships are identified by electronic navigation means and some even have pictures and ships descriptions available. Just for fun zoom into the area around Newcastle Australia and see how many vessels are waiting in port to load coal for transport. At times wait time in Newcastle is 3 weeks or more.

Well thats all for today. Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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