Distressing News From JA

27 Mar

I was catching up on some blog reading this morning after returning from the Weatherford Ham Fest and was distressed to hear via JA1NUT Blog that Shin will be QRT for a while until he gets his yagi repaired. Apparently it fell victim to heavy rains and flooded the traps. So sorry Shin! We will wait expectantly for you return. You have had one of my all time favorite “Beacon Signals” during the morning opening on 40 meters. Signal strength aside I enjoy listening to your Dulcet Tones as they waft through the aether. We will miss you Shin. Hurry back!

On another blog I see Leo has returned from his  wonderful trip to OK land. I have dutifully left him a note to enjoy JA land for a while but to begin planning his trip to USA! What a hoot that would be. Just Leo and I and about a hundred of our closest friends having a Long Neck Beer in Texas. We may even send him home in boots and a hat.

I found a Comet antenna for my old Yaesu hand held walkie talkie today and so it is back in service and in the capable hands of my son who had an indiscriminate moment while I was monitoring him via Echo Link as he blurted out “10-4 Rubber Duckie”! I immediately removed said walkie from his mitts and banished him to the yard for grass cutting duties.  There went 25 bux for an antenna straight down the old Binjo Ditch. Sigh. Whats is an old timer to do? And I was so excited. More training obviously.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on March 27, 2010 in Family, Radio, Stuff


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