Brief Update

11 Mar

Not a whole lot new to report from this end. Mostly trying to figure out how to survive two weeks with just my son and I rumbling around the Casa. Radio this week has been dull. The only excitement has been code practice and one or two DX stations that I have not managed to work. I have a new key in process which is still in the planning stages. It will consist of a Touch Keyer paddle circuit card, some battery and wiring component area and the finger pieces are to be two US quarter coins mounted back to back. I plan to mount this pair of quarters just where the thumb and forefinger come together as they rest on a shape similar to (but much shallower) than a mouse used in computing. This does several things: it allows a resting position with no wrist strain and second it uses my hand in a functional role to keep the key in place on the desk top, a role that for my hand, is normally reserved for pushing a heavy key around. To test the concept just allow your hand to rest on a desk surface and see where your thumb and forefinger naturally fall together. Now imagine that resulting space under your hand and within the palm area is filled with some material (shaped wood?) that would act as an anchor for a pair of back to back mounted quarters for the touch keyer. A space can easily be hogged out under the resulting shape to accommodate the battery, circuit card etc etc. I have the circuit card and the time so heres to another project! Ill call it my Quarter Pounder with No Cheese. If I ever get it completed I will post a pix or two.

Sorry for the nonsense but that is all I have for today.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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