On the route of the PanAm China Clipper: 40 M Sunday Morning

21 Feb

Morning openings on 40 Meters in Texas feel like I am revisiting the routes of that famous early pioneer aircraft called the China Clipper. A lot of Asia with some Caribbean thrown in for spice. During contest weekends all the school stations used to get fired up in JA. They are easy to pick out as the school station suffix begins with a “Y”. Or at least that used to be true 20 or more years ago. A second way to tell a JA school station was by signal strength. It is rumored that certain stations had Coca Cola machines disguising very large amplifiers. I wouldn’t know anything about such things but that was the folklore. I recorded a few more snippets so you can get a sense of what a morning opening is like from my little pistol station. Keep in mind-dipole at 27 feet. I think it hears pretty well for hearing a first tier group of stations. You can get a sense of what it is like with no beam and trying to work a second tier (lower signal strength) station by listening to the JL3LCM Snip. I miss copied the JL3 station suffix because he was weak and barely readable but there nonetheless. Someday I am going to figure out how to shoot video of the band scope and mix it with dx audio so you can see and hear what a picket fence looks like from here on a contest weekend. This is all a lot of fun.









I hope you enjoyed the weekend. Bands were terrific and loads of stations were active. What more could one ask?

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on February 21, 2010 in Radio


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