Climate and Radio Ramblings

19 Feb

I have been captured by a new Climategate. The issue this time is a response by NASA to 2007 FOIA requests by Chris Horner viz GISS surface temperature data records. Now Chris is publishing a four part article about the internal NOAA and NASA documents and it can be found here. I mean to tell ya, if one wants a whodunit, it just does not get any better than this story. Between CRU, NASA and the IPCC there is enough to keep book writers busy for years. It is an involved story to be sure, and I am very glad I have time to devote to it. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, produced a five part television show detailing some of the major points and can be found here. Those five parts are worth a watch.

On to another subject, this time last year I was in Boston preparing for a ARRL DX CW effort from W1HIS. This year finds me home due to travel conflicts with my wife. I hope to manage some small effort to support the contest. I would like to see if some of the high bands will be back again this year. With the availability of 18 Mhz lately I will not be surprised to see 21 Mhz active and lively.  I have tweaked  N1MM and the USB router is upgraded so perhaps just a little effort?

Most of this week was spent practicing CW with a keyboard. I have to say that it is nice to go along at any speed with no errors save the occasional typo. I bounced between the paddle and the keyboard but I have to admit that decoding with my ears and sending with a keyboard is quite a nice experience. I would bet that I only spent one or two transmissions on manual paddles while the remainder of time was spent on keyboarding. CW Type is a nice program to be sure.

Now I see that 30 M is active and showing loads of pips on the band scope so I’m off for a Q or two.  Enjoy the weekend and 73!

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG


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2 responses to “Climate and Radio Ramblings

  1. Julian G4ILO

    February 19, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    I heard a few W stations obviously testing their contest setups on 21MHz this afternoon, as far west as Arizona. I think conditions will be interesting for the contest.

    • w5pg

      February 19, 2010 at 5:02 pm

      Great stuff Julian! Perhaps mama will allow a little daylight DXing for the old codger this weekend. I only have an all band dipole but it does the trick after a fashion. 😀 See ya in the pileups OM! Best, Chas W5PG


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