Some notes on the weekend of operating CW

01 Feb

I listen a lot. This weekend however, I went looking on 40 M for JA stations and others that afforded me an opportunity to chat. Again, I had a brief chat with Shin JA1NUT with his very large 40 M signal. Later I listened to K5KV (Benny) having a QSO with a W9 station that I forgot to jot the call sign of….but no matter they were both CW Ops guys so following their QSO I called in to say howdy to Benny. We carried on for a bit  until I heard a loud crash in the garage as my wife drove into who knows what? For a minute I thought my dining room wall had become part of the garage. False alarm and all is good- she ran over a metal pole on the garage floor. Later during the weekend I became interested in listening to CW traffic nets and read up some on what goes on there. Later I listened to the 3541 net at 1900 Local and was amazed at the speed of things. Not so much the speed of CW but the shorthand and back and forth that goes to speed up exchanges. In all my years I had never taken time to listen to a traffic net on CW. That was an education. I may try the slow speed net once or twice to see if I can learn the protocols and get into the swing of things. Too bad there is no real traffic any more, but it seems a good thing to keep an emergency network running. I cannot help but believe that an Internet portal would gin up some traffic if properly done. Say a message portal on Red Cross or some other public site? Like maybe the ARRL site? Just fill in a web text block and it can be dumped into the NTS? Just spit balling here. I know squat about NTS but it seems a shame to waste all that time with so few messages and canned ones at that.

I know one thing that is crystal clear to me… one in todays society has given due consideration to what the consequences are for power outages and the effects on Cell Phones and Internet services. As the loads increase the power distribution system gets more and more frail.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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