Boy Wonder the Code Cadet

14 Jan

My son is 19 going on 20. He wants to become a Weather Guesser err Wx Man. Along the way he became intrigued by Storm Chasing and somehow became interested in Ham Radio. Not just any Ham Radio-the real kind -the kind that uses Morse Code. In an effort to support his learning I gave him an inexpensive paddle and an old KC Keyer that was a project 20 or more years ago and loaded him up on software so he could KOCH method himself into oblivion. Much to my surprise he has mastered about 80 percent of the alphabet and also begun isolating himself inside a purloined pair of Heil over-the-ear headsets, complete with microphone. He says he wants to look like a Ham! Actually he stole my headset to maintain concentration while a TV was on and he was studying. However, that said it is pretty comical watching him run around the house, school books in hand wearing a giant pair of Heil Headphones. Now he is asking for a headphone jack so that he can hear the sidetone better in the homebrew keyer. Thats the spirit! Today Ill go to the local electronics shop and buy a headphone jack and see if I can make his sidetone louder. Anything in the name of progress. Who wudda thunk it? Maybe the code practice sessions done daily for three years for an hour per day has rubbed off a little. Whatever the cause I am pretty pleased that he is trying this at all. Regardless of the ultimate outcome of this exercise, the discipline involved in learning Morse has to be a good sign.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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Posted by on January 14, 2010 in Family, Radio


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