Sunspots and Climate

08 Jan

Ive been searching for a measurable connection between Sunspots and Climate for a long time. People want to connect cause and effect between both as they are easy to connect visually (sometimes). Perhaps maybe not so much any more. The basis for climate here on good old earth is primarily driven by the suns  Total Ir. Total Ir and sunspots are sort of connected but not primarily. In an interesting article which explains things much better than I could ever hope to, a connection is linked to Cosmic Rays and how the flux density of the Sun’s magnetosphere and also sunspots magnetic flux is linked to Cosmic Rays and Earth Climate. The article also goes into some of the latest research which shows that we may have invisible sunspots by 2014. You can find the article complete with illustrations here .

Other, much older peer reviewed studies suggest no connection between sunspots and climate. That paper complete with Executive Summary can be found here.

The primary reason I am rambling about this today is that it has been cold. I mean very cold for Dallas. 19F this morning. And it is to be this cold again tomorrow. That is as cold as it has been since 1989 here in Dallas and we have an upward trend in sunspots going on….

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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