Climate Change in Perspective

11 Dec

I have been fascinated by ClimateGate. As an aside, Global Warming has been a subject I have been interested in for some four years now. I simply wanted to know the truth or at least the best that an honest reading of the science can tell us about the truth of the situation. Before ClimateGate that was difficult to find. Now, not so much. There has been a blizzard of insight placed onto the web about the science and persons responsible for the “Consensus” and those that say “The Science is Settled”. I may not be a trained scientist but I know enough about the process to know that normally conservative scientists almost never say the “Science is Settled”. That last statement is, in fact, the reason for my curiosity about all of this claptrap.

There are macro implications and micro arguments and all of the range between. Fact is there was fraud done from at least my vantage point. If society cannot trust science who then can we trust to keep us honest in our Policy Making Decisions over the long haul? Politicians? Surely you jest. That, in a nut shell makes this a most important discussion. One that needs to be public, open and as nasty as it can get so that we are all positive no stones remain to be turned.

I found a pretty impressive article on another Blog that I read; “Whats Up With That?”. It is from Australia and I found it puts a lot of this nonsense into clear and precise terms. Have a look.

I hope you find it as interesting as I.

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.


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2 responses to “Climate Change in Perspective

  1. Adam

    December 11, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    Hello, I have just read “The Skeptics Handbook”. Fascinating stuff. Both that and your blog reflect what I have been wondering for quite some time and in a far better way than I could word it! But I have a HUGE problem trying to relate this to my friends, who think I must be from some totally non-green, don’t care less brigade, which I am not. Like yourself I just want to know the truth about global warming, and to be honest last night when watching a typical “doom mungering” documentary about the deserts we will all be living in in 50 years time I simply felt incredulity that the BBC could promote such extreme ideas that, in my opinion, are not fully explored.


    Adam (M6RDP) Torquay, England

    • w5pg

      December 13, 2009 at 10:33 pm

      Hello Adam. Thank you for your observations. If you click on the link for skeptics handbook again and go up a level on Joann’s pages you will find a first edition of the skeptics handbook which is a nice read as well. The whats up with that web page is run my a retired meteorologist. Thank you for the kind note. Best, Chas


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