Saturday AM on 40M

05 Dec

I got up before dawn this morning and thought that I would have a listen on 40M. Its been a while since I have worked 40M and was looking to hear JA1NUT if possible in his usual digs at 7028 plus or minus. I didn’t hear Shin this morning but managed to hear some other European DX stations. Late in the morning I heard, but did not work, OH6AH. He had a nice group of folks calling so I passed by with no attempt. My puny dipole does not usually stand a chance against all of those 3 element yagi’s. Earlier I did manage a QSO with Steve, SM4OTI which was short but we managed names, QTH’s and signal reports. He had a yagi and of course I was using my 27 foot high 50 foot dipole. I would not have made this QSO without my amplifier. I was running 500 watts output from a pair of 3-500Z tubes. I will try again during this week to see if I can hear Shin JA1NUT. Last season I worked him often and since I have changed my dipole to a new one it may give me some indication performance as to the old dipole compared to the new one. I have yet to hear any S. Pacific stations or any JA stations this season but we have loads of time for all of that.

More in a day or so. Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG.

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Posted by on December 5, 2009 in Radio


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