More Antenna & Band Notes-20M Log

02 Dec

Listening this morning found OZ1GML entrenched at 14015 with a weak signal. He was in QSO with XE3RT. A little lower on 20M found J79WE and others too numerous to recall. The band was quiet and although no sun spots were reported today, FOF2 is good at Millstone Hill in Ma.

Ionogram For this AM

I worked the J79WE station and thought I should record some on the blog for posterity. Anyone can use real time ionograms that can be found at: Ionogram Links . It is best to locate a station midway between the two endpoints for the QSO. I tend to look at Millstone Hill as it is close to my CW practice buddies home. It would be more meaningful to have a station in Ky. someplace to better show FOF2 between us but there is no stations at that location.

I woke up this morning to an unusual sight around these parts-early snow. It was too warm to stick but was nice to look at until it quit a bit later.

2 December 2009 Early Snow

Thanks for reading my Blog. Best, Chas W5PG

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